GROUPE STERIA : STERIA and ELOÏSE, a subsidiary of CIMUT join forces to develop the new APRIA RSA information system

"The Starweb® solution is chosen to manage the AAEXA (ATEXA) compulsory insurance plan"

Paris, May 19, 2008 - Following a call for tenders, the professional organization Apria R.S.A. has chosen the Starweb® solution as the future system for managing the AAEXA (or ATEXA) compulsory insurance plan for farmers against occupational accidents and diseases.

This solution was proposed by Steria, a global IT services company, and was developed by Eloïse, a subsidiary of CIMUT (French Mutual Insurance Information Processing Centre), the IT specialist for health insurance professions. It meets the specific requirements for administering this plan, offering functions that make it possible to manage contributions, benefits and the tools for monitoring administration of the activity. By deploying this new application, Apria R.S.A. wishes to improve the quality of service for farmers.

A partnership between Steria and Eloïse to maximize skills

Based on its expertise in the field of health insurance, Steria uses its own resources, including over 50 business consultants, and offers perfect command of the processes, as well as experience in conducting substantial projects as well as the processes, methods and dedicated tools involved. Other benefits offered by Steria for this project are its knowledge of managing large and complex projects, its production capacity and its facilities, in particular its service centre in Nantes.
The solution developed by Steria is intended to meet all technical and organizational constraints, to make it easier to incorporate changes in the compulsory plans. Eloïse offers perfect command of its technical solution, as well as its professional expertise.
The solution developed by Eloïse makes it possible to extend access to all or part of the information system to all of the players (beneficiaries and health professionals) while maintaining traceability and control of different levels of access rights. The benefits offered by Eloïse : Increase reporting and management capacities

Take part in ongoing improvement of the range and the quality of service

Contribute to the coherence of the future APRIA information system

The challenges involved:

To develop an efficient and responsive system that ensures modernization, quality of service for users and reliability of data and of data reproduction.
To take part in managing the AAEXA (or ATEXA) compulsory plan, the insurance companies have created the AAEXA Insurers Association. They have delegated management of this association to Apria R.S.A.

To carry out its mission, Apria R.S.A. was looking for a software solution suited to the specific characteristics of this plan, enabling it to improve the quality of service for the 400,000 farmer policyholders.

Apria R.S.A. also required a solution offering management tools able to meet the statutory requirements for managing compulsory plans, as well as the expectations of the supervisory authority, the French Ministry of Agriculture regarding cost control, productivity, management performance, policyholder satisfaction index and control.

This project must be operational by the time of the next call for contributions at the end of October 2008.

Presentation of the solution developed by ELOISE: Starweb®

A 100% web-based IT solution for managing compulsory (RSI, CNAMTS, AAEXA etc.) and top-up insurance plans

Associated applications included: CRM, decision-making, electronic publishing, online Internet services.

The proposed solution is entirely web-based, thus minimizing the impact of deployment and updating following changes or corrections.

This solution is continually being improved to ensure that it meets all legal requirements and offers the latest technical developments in order to:

Guarantee responsiveness Benefit from a solution making it possible to meet requirements regarding payments and certification of accounts Facilitate exchanges between the different players involved

About APRIA R.S.A.

Apria R.S.A. is an organization created by insurance companies. It constitutes a centre of excellence, offering resources for the insurance profession.

Health insurance
Apria R.S.A. is a public utility which manages three compulsory health insurance plans through the associations that the insurance companies have put it in charge of managing, i.e.:

RAM, which is authorized to provide compulsory health insurance for artisans, tradesmen and professionals, GAMEX, which is authorized to provide compulsory health insurance for farmers, The AAEXA Insurers Association, which is authorized to provided compulsory insurance for occupational accidents and diseases for farmers.

Top-up health insurance and additional universal medical cover
Apria R.S.A. also manages top-up health insurance policies and additional universal medical cover.

The acting project manager for professional projects
The insurance companies have put Apria R.S.A. in charge of managing the economic interest group Sintia, which conducts IT studies on their behalf at the request of the French Federation of Insurance Societies (FFSA). These studies mainly concern projects related to the health sector (SESAM-Vitale project, updating of the Santé-Pharma third-party paying system) and the damage insurance sector (in particular builder's risk insurance).

IT solutions
Apria R.S.A. also provides IT management for several professional organizations and IT tools such as the Assurnet network and Declarassur (centralized services for automated social security declarations).

A set of certified high-quality services
Apria R.S.A. now offers all its clients (policyholders, health professionals and insurance companies) a set of ISO 9001-2000 certified services:

Call centre for policyholders, Management of occupational accident and disease benefits for farmers (AAEXA), Management of top-up health insurance policies (including universal medical cover) on behalf of insurance companies. Operation of the Assurnet Santé data flow system. Physical reception at the Ile-de-France offices Technical support for IT applications.


Organizations managed by Apria R.S.A. on behalf of the insurance companies
Exploitants Agricoles
Exploitants Agricoles

About Steria:

The leading end-to-end IT services provider in Europe for companies which consider new technologies a vital part of their business strategy, Steria focuses on setting up strategic partnerships with its customers in each of its key markets: the public sector, finance, telecommunications, utilities and transport.

Steria offers customers integrated services including consulting in core business processes as well as the development and operation of their information systems. In October 2007, Steria acquired the British firm Xansa.

The new group employs over 18,000 staff in 16 countries, including 5,000 in India. On December 31, 2007, Steria revenue amounted to ¤1.4 billion. The Group, headquartered in Paris, is listed on the Euronext Paris market.


Eloïse, a subsidiary of CIMUT, offers the management and development of Starweb and its software suite. Eloïse is geared towards clients that do not fall within the regulatory field of CIMUT.

Eloïse is developing a partnership with well-known software package editors working on software integration in order to offer a full, technical, and uniform solution: customer relations management, decision-making, electronic document management, editing, accounting, online Internet services etc.

CIMUT is located in Quimper (France) and is the IT specialist for the health insurance professions.
CIMUT can bring over 30 years of expertise to bear in proposing its IT solutions to mutual benefit societies and organisations that manage health and provident services.

Thanks to its experience of managing computerized data on behalf of mutual insurance companies, CIMUT has acquired genuine expertise in providing advice and developing tailor-made IT solutions for organizations responsible for managing compulsory insurance, top-up health insurance and welfare insurance plans.

Based on its core profession, CIMUT has produced innovative 100 % web-based developments for its IT solution for managing compulsory and top-up insurance plans, Starweb©.

At the same time, using an integrated approach CIMUT has formed links with well-known software companies in order to offer a homogenous and complete technical solution, including CRM, decision-making, EDM, electronic publishing, accounting, online Internet services etc.

CIMUT is continually monitoring changes in regulations, and puts its technological expertise at the service of its clients, an essential advantage for the thirty or so mutual insurance companies and organizations that have placed their trust in it for over 30 years.
CIMUT is thus the first IT centre to comply with the data exchange standard 303-953 required by the CNAMTS, pioneering the introduction of new procedures.

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