GROUPE STERIA : Steria-Agefiph - A partnership agreement for the integration, training and retention of employees with disabilities


Steria has decided to follow through with its commitment to the employment of people with disabilities. A working group supported by management and Steria France workers resulted in the signature of a partnership agreement with Agefiph in December 2007. Initiatives are set to be rolled out in France in 2008 and 2009.

As part of its European Corporate Social Responsibility approach, Steria wanted to reassert its values as a socially aware and responsible company, particularly by promoting the employment of workers with disabilities.

Initiatives, including a "Disabilities" committee in France, have been set up toward this goal. Created in 2006 and made up of 6 members, the committee’s objective was to propose concrete initiatives aimed at promoting the integration, training and retention of employees with disabilities.

This working group, supported by the joint commitment of management and Steria France staff, resulted in the signature of a partnership agreement with Agefiph in December 2007.

This agreement, signed for 2008 and 2009, will allow for an initial action plan to be rolled out in France.

Steria has made a firm commitment and set out 5 major areas for action:

1. Recruiting and integration

In a strong growth context, Steria France aims to recruit 1,700 employees in 2008. Within this framework, Steria has restated that any person with a disability is eligible for all existing or open positions within Steria. Steria will put all the means at its disposal to work in order to gather and promote applications from people with disabilities, in accordance with the Group’s needs and required skills. Furthermore, redeployment programmes will also be created to provide IT training to people with disabilities as an opportunity to join Steria. Through these initiatives, Steria plans to work with 20 people over the duration of the agreement.

2. Professional life, retention and improving working conditions for employees with disabilities

Beyond priority access to all measures currently in place, specific solutions will be systematically proposed to employees with disabilities in order to retain them within the company and make it easier for them to perform their responsibilities.

3. Increasing disability awareness for all Steria employees

It is Steria’s desire that all of its employees be a party to the integration and retention of employees with disabilities. Specific information will be made available and Steria will ensure that 100% of its employees have access to it without exception.

4. Training for internal players

Specific disability training will be offered to more than 150 managers and members of the Human Resource teams over the duration of the agreement.

5. Development of partnerships with the sheltered employment sector

Steria is committed to setting up a determined procurement policy with companies from the sheltered sector. The announced objective is to devote at least 3% of "supplier" expenses to companies from the sheltered sector.

"The signature of the Agefiph Agreement is a new stage in the implementation of the Steria’s Diversity policy, along the same lines as the signature of the Institut Montaigne’s Diversity charter. It demonstrates Steria’s commitment to workers with disabilities and translates it into concrete initiatives," says Annie Méheust, Director of Human Resources for Steria France.

Agefiph provides financial and technical support for the policy developed by Steria, which has made a numerical commitment to include 100 employees with disabilities among its staff by the end of 2009/ at the end of the agreement. This is particularly within the framework of projects aimed at improving working life (organisational adaptation, specific aids, training priority, etc.), which match up with Agefiph’s own strategic areas.

About Agefiph - Agefiph is the Fund for the professional integration of people with disabilities. It provides consulting and financial support to people with disabilities, employers and integration specialists. Its knowledge of the sector, its role in heading a vast network of professionals and its analytical work make it a recognised expert in its area, allowing it to contribute to an improved understanding of market trends in the employment of people with disabilities. In 2007, Agefiph launched more than 251,800 initiatives benefiting people with disabilities (+13% when compared with 2006).

About Steria:

The leading end-to-end IT services provider in Europe for companies which consider new technologies a vital part of their business strategy, Steria focuses on setting up strategic partnerships with its customers in each of its key markets: the public sector, finance, telecommunications, utilities and transport.

Steria offers customers integrated services including consulting in core business processes as well as the development and operation of their information systems. In October 2007, Steria acquired the British firm Xansa.

The new group employs over 18,000 staff in 16 countries, including 5,000 in India. On December 31, 2007, Steria revenue amounted to ¤1.4 billion. The Group, headquartered in Paris, is listed on the Euronext Paris market.

Steria Agence Wellcom Caroline Pascault - Nathalie Boissard - Gaëlle Breban Tel.: 01 46 34 60 60 - emails: - -

Agefiph Ghislaine Cristofoletti Tel : - email :

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