GROUPE STERIA : In Denmark, Steria is to provide a digital signature solution for the Midtjylland Region (Central Jutland)


The health personnel in the hospitals of the region of Midtjylland Practical need safe access to a digital signature in particular in order to transfer electronic death certificates to the Health Board and to consult the national and interregional registers such as for example the “Medicinprofil” (medical profile). These requirements bring with them a considerable administrative burden because the region employs a total of several thousand people.

“This project arose due to the need for practical, safe access to the “Medicinprofil” and the legal requirement for death certificates to be sent electronically. By giving all hospital doctors easy access to solutions that require a digital signature, we hope to reduce even further the risk of mistakes in medical prescriptions, and help to guarantee the quality of data in the cause of death register. For us, it is a strategic objective to both use the national and interregional registers in the health sector and also contribute to it,” explains Søren Thing Pedersen, project manager and head of the project in the region of Midtjylland.

A few years ago, Steria provided a digital signature solution for the psychiatric department of the hospital of Århus. This contract was then extended through Steria delivering similar solutions to other establishments in the region of Midtjylland: somatic hospitals in the region of Århus, the hospital of Horsens, and the department of Ringkjøbing and Viborg. Søren Thing Pedersen explains that the Central Hospital of Randers was the first somatic hospital where the solution was applied. Based on the results obtained, it was easy to define the specifications document for the remainder of the project roll-out.

Jens Grønlund, IT consultant at the department of Viborg, project manager for his department, confesses: “We planned to choose the same solution as the department of Århus as soon as that one was operational and reliable, and the projects were grouped together in the region of Midtjylland. The Steria solution meets a very important need: as a rule, our personnel do not use a single specific PC; they use several throughout the day. We therefore decided upon a “mobile” solution which will enable doctors, for example, to log on to the system of any hospital or department they happen to be in. Some health personnel only work in the same hospital for a short period of time. This might be young trainee doctors, locums, etc. This meant therefore that we had to choose a solution that was simple to administer, both centrally and by the individual user, and that the certificate had to somehow follow the user.”

Jesper Knap, sales manager at Steria, considers that Steria - with its partners Novell and TDC - has created a solution that perfectly meets the needs of the hospitals in which a number of employees are not sitting in front of the same computer all day long; they move around and go from one patient to another. This solution is both upgradeable and very easy to use, while requiring relatively few resources.

“In addition to the solution designed for the departments of Århus, Ringkjøbing and Viborg, we have delivered similar solutions to other health sector employees, in particular in the department of Ribe. We consider that there remains a huge need to be met in this field, because the use of digital signatures in the health sector is still very limited compared to actual potential,” concludes Jesper Knap.

“I am convinced that both Steria and the region of Midtjylland will benefit from this cooperation. Steria, the region and its hospitals have worked closely together on the development of this solution in order to integrate it into the existing systems in the hospitals and so that it can be easily adapted to future changes. Steria has proven its effectiveness in this field in its work on transversal tasks within a complex organisation and IT infrastructure. We now have a solution that does not reduce the region’s strategic room for manoeuvre,” says Søren Thing Pedersen emphatically.

About Steria: Steria is a leading European provider of IT-driven business services, focused on the establishment of strategic partnerships with its clients in each of its key vertical market sectors: public services; finance; telecommunications; utilities and transport. Steria provides consulting services for its clients’ core business processes, and also develops and operates their information systems. Steria acquired the UK-based company Xansa in October 2007. The new group has over 18,000 employees working in 16 countries. Steria’s pro forma revenue as of 31 dec 2006 is 1.8billion euros. Headquartered in Paris, Steria is listed on the Euronext Paris Eurolist.

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