GROUPE STERIA : French Civil Service enlists the help of Steria for the ONP ’s Human Resources Information System, speeding up modernisation


For its National Payroll Operator (ONP), the French Ministry for the Budget, Public Accounts, the Civil Service and State Reform has chosen Steria to install a Human Resources Information System (HRIS) serving several government ministries. This four-year contract, worth some ¤9 million, is part of the programme to modernise French government administration.

"In the wake of the Application Management contract Chorus win for modernisation of the French government's budget operations, this project devoted to public-sector human resources confirms Steria's expertise in the deployment of key programmes serving multiple government ministries. Steria's knowhow in managing major modernisation initiatives represents are a genuine asset when it comes to ensuring that such reforms - vital in the current economic climate - are properly implemented" explains Olivier Vallet, CEO of Steria France.

A major inter-ministry project - and the cornerstone of modernising human resources in government

The HRIS, built by the ONP around its future Payroll application, is designed to provide all client ministries with a unique, shared IT system which complies with the aims of LOLF financial legislation as it applies to government human resources and the modernisation of the French Civil Service.

In terms of modernising the civil service's information systems, the ONP has the following missions:

designing and implementing the new information system to handle civil servants' pay, designing, developing, maintaining and circulating the common specifications and reference documents with which government human resources information systems must comply, as well as ensuring compliance with these standards, enshrined in the civil service human resources "RH-FPE Core" document.

Ultimately, the ONP will provide payroll services for over 3 million civil servants. Based on an HRAccess solution, the system will be operated by the ONP on a SAAS (software as a service)2 basis for 65,000 users of 7 ministries, including the first two pilot ministries.

"Our expertise in the business of government human resources and HRAccess software within complex government environments is a real plus, allowing us to design a unique HRIS which can cater for the needs of each client ministry whilst taking into account the particularities of each.," says Olivier Vallet, CEO of Steria France.

Steria: a key partner in the French government's modernisation programme

A major player in the deployment of complex Human Resources Information Systems, Steria has been assisting French government departments with civil service pay and human resources for a number of years now. This expertise is backed up by successful projects for the French Ministries of Culture, Social Affairs, Education and Defence, as well as the French professional training agency AFPA.

About Steria:
Steria delivers IT enabled business services which help organisations in the public and private sectors operate more efficiently and profitably. By combining in depth understanding of our clients' businesses with expertise in IT and business process outsourcing, we take on our clients' challenges and develop innovative solutions to address them. Through our highly collaborative consulting style, we work with our clients to transform their business, enabling them to focus on what they do best. Our 20,000 people, working across 16 countries, support the systems, services and processes that make today's world turn, touching the lives of millions around the globe each day.

Founded in 1969, Steria has offices in Europe, India, North Africa and SE Asia and a 2010 revenue of ¤1.7 billion. 20%(*) of Steria's capital is owned by its employees. Headquartered in Paris, Steria is listed on the Euronext Paris market.

(*): including the Employees Shares Trust in the UK

Steria press contacts
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1 The ONP is a nationwide agency attached to the French Ministry for the Budget, Public Accounts and State Reform's Department of Public Finance (DGFIP) and to the French Civil Service Ministry's Department of Civil Service and Administration (DGAFP). It was established by the decree of May 15, 2007 to conduct modernisation of government Human Resources and Payroll operations.

2 Use of software made available as a hosted service.

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