GROUPE GORGE : ECA, subsidiary of GROUPE GORGÉ, announces a major international order for land-based defence simulators


GORGE GROUP has announced that its subsidiary, ECA FAROS, has received a major international order for land-based defence driving simulators. This order, considered as a significant amount, will be booked over several financial years.

This order adds to other deals won during the month and allows ECA to show its better monthly order intake ever done on simulators.

The top-of-the-range 6-axis simulators are networked and used to train personnel on joint missions in a theatre of operation, a supervision allowing to verify the success of the simulated mission.

ECA was already present in naval defence simulation systems. The company had already secured an order worth several million euros in Asia in mid-2013.

This new order for land-based defence simulators was obtained thanks to the combined expertise of Gorgé Group in defence systems and simulators and ECA FAROS which specialises in driving simulators.

The annual global market for these types of land-based driving simulators currently exceeds ¤50 million. ECA's goal is to become a key player on this market.


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