GROUPE GORGE : ECA Group presents several innovations in the fields of robotics and simulation at the MILIPOL exhibition


At the MILIPOL worldwide internal State security exhibition, which takes place in Paris (Villepinte) from November 17-20, ECA Group (Hall 5 Aisle N Stand N 157) will be presenting its latest innovative solutions in the field of defense and internal security.

Alongside significant marketing investment, the Group is conducting an ambitious Research and Development program. The new products on display at MILIPOL extend the range of solutions on offer in both robotics and simulation for the defense and internal security markets.

  • MVL: Driving simulator for light military vehicles

ECA Group develops training simulators for piloting and maintenance activities for the aeronautics, maritime and land sectors. In the latter, the Simulation offering comprises simulators for automobiles, trucks and motorbikes, mainly for civilian use.

Backed by its 25 years of experience in simulation and its extensive knowledge of defense markets, the Group will unveil at MILIPOL its state-of-the-art high-end military simulators from the MVL range, designed to meet driver training needs for modern land-based light military vehicles.

This new generation of simulators incorporates a six-axis platform and offers total immersion, thanks to a 200° visual projection angle and accurate reproduction of vehicle interiors.

This new training system is an essential teaching tool for army, local and national police forces and military school training centers.

The innovative nature of this system lies in the use of the latest digital technology, which enables simulation to appear very close to operational reality. The novel educational approach was developed in collaboration with military ground training experts for different missions: patrol, escort, convoy, etc.

This solution enables to optimize overall training between simulators and real vehicles, armed forces' personnel to be effectively trained, in complete safety, and total training costs to be reduced, due to the use of civilian technology and equipment.

A first overview of this solution:

  • UAW – Unmanned Aerial Watchtower

The ECA Group is extending the range of uses for its IT180 airborne drone. The IT180-999 prototype, a captive version of the IT180, will be presented on a mobile pick-up-type base at the MILIPOL exhibition.

The IT180 captive drone (IT180-999) is based on the IT180 electric drone. This has been modified to connect the drone to the ground by a thin cable which unwinds from a winch on the ground. The cable supplies the drone with energy and is used for communication, turning the airborne drone into a surveillance point over a wide perimeter from an altitude of 100-150 meters. The captive drone allows continuous surveillance of events, demonstrations and sensitive sites. It can also, for example, serve as a radio relay or constitute a local GSM network.

As required, The IT180-999 can be fixed, for sites requiring permanent surveillance, or operated from a mobile land or maritime base. The IT180-999 presented at MILIPOL is mounted on a mobile pick-up-type base.

Deployment of the drone and its recovery from the pick-up are fully automated. The operator activates the system without getting out of the vehicle and, in the shelter of the vehicle, receives a video feed from the drone 150 meters up in the air.

The system presented at MILIPOL is unique in the world. It was partially financed by the French Defense Procurement Agency (DGA) through a RAPID program. The French armed forces are interested in these solutions, both for implementation from land vehicles and for use from naval platforms.

  • IGUANA: A new land robot

In the ECA Group's new range of land robots, IGUANA offers one of the best weight/performance ratios on the market, thanks to the use of composite materials. Its narrow breadth, four flippers and very far-reaching arm, enable it to recover a piece of luggage from the racks of an aircraft cabin, a train or bus. Compact and highly modular, it meets the latest needs expressed by Defense and Security customers.

IGUANA is the latest addition to the ECA Group's range of robots, which includes the COBRA compact robot and the CAMELEON multifunctional robot.

  • Humanoid robotics

In summer 2015, ECA Group and Wandercraft created a joint venture ECA Dynamics dedicated to humanoid robotic solutions for Defense and Security (See press release). ECA Group brings its expertise in sensors, navigation and autonomy solutions in ground robotics while Wandercraft brings its expertise in Humanoid walk.

We strongly believe in near future of these bipedic or quadripedic solutions on battlefield to assist, support and rescue soldiers during their missions.

ECA Group will present its ambitions related to humanoid robotics during MILIPOL.

Discover the new video presenting our vision of bipedic robots and how they could provide assistance to soldiers in the future.


These new products illustrate the Group's dynamic R&D capability. The development of the AUV A18 was announced in 2014, and has already seen commercial success with the sale of the first A18D.

In underwater mine disposal, in 2015, the Group completed the development of the SEASCAN, a new underwater identification robot with extended autonomy of three hours. Still in the field of robotics, the new INSPECTOR surface drone passed its sea trials in summer 2015. These two new robots have already been sold to two European navies.


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