GLOBAL ECO POWER (ex Energeo) : Global EcoPower S.A.: Listing at the Open Market of the Frankfurt Stock Exchange


Starting today Global EcoPower S.A. is listed at the Open Market (Freiverkehr) of the Frankfurt Stock Exchange.

Global EcoPower S.A. is a solar plant construction company based in Aix en Provence, France, developing and in the process to build, sell as well as operate solar plants in the south of France. Half of the built solar plants are going to be sold to third parties; the rest is going to be kept and self operated by Global EcoPower S.A.. Income achieved through the sale of electricity is secured through set tariffs for the next 20 years and is therefore easily to forecast.

Global EcoPower S.A. has currently more than 30 projects with a total capacity of 257 MW in its pipeline. All projects are based in the south of France, where the sunshine duration is at the same level as in Italy, Spain or Greece. There the sun radiation is 30% higher than in Germany. Consequently the company is well positioned to benefit from an expected backlog demand for solar plants in France.

So far the French solar market is very underdeveloped compared to Germany and has an enormous backlog demand for solar electricity. Just 193 MW have been installed in France until Dec. 2008 compared to 5.550 MW in Germany (or expected 453 MW to respectively 7.300 MW by the end of 2009; source: European Photovoltaic Industry Association). France has improved the general conditions for photovoltaic plants tremendously and is funding solar electricity with high tariffs (new tariffs were set on January 12, 2010). Electricity from French ground installed solar plants promises up to more than 26% higher tariffs than the ones in Germany. For integrated plants French tariffs are as high as EUR 0,58 / kWp compared to EUR 0,39 / kWp in Germany. French tariffs are additionally secured for inflation.

Furthermore the French state is obliged to purchase 100% of the generated solar energy. Until 2020 up to 20% of the produced total electricity in France should derive from renewable energy sources.

Investments in solar plants can be amortized by 80% in the first year. This in combination with the lucrative French tariffs makes an investment even more attractive.

About Global EcoPower S.A.:

Global EcoPower is a solar plant company in France. The firm constructs, sells as well as operates the plants. Sales will mainly be generated from the sale of solar plants and gradually from the sale of electricity and services.

Jean-Marie Santander and Philippe Perret are the founders of the company. They were the founders and managers of the public company THEOLIA, a wind energy firm until September 2008. Currently the management owns 80% of the company through the investment firm Athanor Equities SICAR.


Global EcoPower

Mr Philippe Perret, CFO

75, rue Denis Papin

13857 Aix en Provence Cedex


Tél: +33 (0) 442 245 016

Mail :



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