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Global EcoPower has decided to no longer develop wind turbines in China in order to focus its human and financial resources on solar and hydraulic energies after observed better profitability and the strong potential related to electricity produced by solar means, .

Jean Marie Santander, Chairman and Managing Director: "The state of progression of our plan for developing solar generated electricity plants has exceeded our forecasts. In addition to this and in light of the strong potential that Italy and the South of France represent, we have decided to focus our means on solar and hydraulic energy and give up the construction of wind turbines in China."

Solar energy--the first channel of production
Global EcoPower benefits from measures implemented by the Member States for the purpose of developing solar generated electricity. Stress is particularly placed on the signature of agreements intended to produce electricity from roof tops of buildings built in the south of France.
A first agreement bearing on 500,000 m² was recently signed with a great real estate management group.
Other agreements in the south of France, currently in the process of finalisation, should bring the development potential of Global EcoPower to more than two million square metres of roof tops by the end of the year.
Other projects are currently being negotiated in Italy.
As a reminder, EDF buys back the solar generated kWhs (from captors integrated in the roof top construction) at approximately 60 c€ compared to wind generated kWhs which are bought back at approximately 8 c€.

Hydraulic power, the second channel
Global EcoPower has signed a partnership agreement in Serbia bearing on a development potential of several hundreds of MW. The operations relative to the construction of the 48 first MW are underway on the Brodavero site.

Wind turbines in China
Global EcoPower has decided to abandon the two wind turbine projects that represent 1200 MW in china after taking the distance and the economic conditions into consideration. This choice makes it possible for Global EcoPower to focus its human and financial potential on less risky operations that create more value.

Global EcoPower, a subsidiary of the ATHANOR Equities Sicar Group, constructs plants and produces green electricity from a mix of renewable energies and is registered on the Open Market of NYSE Euronext Paris under the ISIN code FR0010519082.
Global Ecopower, 75 rue Denis Papin 13857 Aix en Provence Cedex 3

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