GAUSSIN (Free Market - FR0010342329) has ended a very busy 2006, marked by its admission to the Euronext Paris Free Market and the signature of a number of contracts confirming GAUSSIN MANUGISTIQUE® high added-value positioning: a specialist in logistics flow optimisation, GAUSSIN MANUGISTIQUE® offers solutions ranging from process audits to the production of systems on wheels for handling heavy, large or fragile loads (turbines, aircraft fuselage, etc...)

New contracts to end 2006

NEXTER (formerly GIAT Industries), which focuses on its core activity of "Land-based arms systems integrator", has just placed a contract for the production of a 6-tonne self-propelled vehicle to be used in the manufacture of the new tank to replace the LECLERC tank (cf. Gaussin library photo, RVI application).

The PSA Group has also just placed an order for the production of a self-propelled vehicle with a capacity of 50 tonnes for its Peugeot production site in Rennes. This order is a first phase which could be extended to three other vehicles in 2007.

The combined value of the two orders is 200 K€.

2006 : admission to the Free Market as a new strategy

GAUSSIN has taken on a new strategy, with a higher added-value positioning in profitable markets. The new development phase is being carried by manufacturers seeking to increase the efficiency of their logistics and has been greeted enthusiastically by investors who have subscribed to GAUSSIN’s shares following its admission to the Free Market in July 2006.

This has been seen in practice with the launch of ambitious projects such as the ATT-08, a self-propelled vehicle using clean or non-polluting energies, which will join GAUSSIN’s new range with the aim of becoming established on a world market estimated at 4000 vehicles a year.

Manufacturing and recruitment investment programmes will be launched to support future orders.

Alongside this, GAUSSIN MANUGISTIQUE®is responding to a tender invitation from the Dubai Ports Authority to carry out all the engineering work for the new port standard. The test procedure sequence has begun with the delivery of an initial premier prototype planned for late January. The Port of Dubai has asked for all technical and financial specifications to be delivered by 15 February 2007 at the latest, after which GAUSSIN MANUGISTIQUE® will know whether it has been allocated the order for 93 extra goods handling vehicles.

GAUSSIN will be presenting its activities and results for 2006 in a later communication, along with its prospects for 2007.

GAUSSIN would like to wish its employees, customers, partners and shareholders all the very best for 2007.


GAUSSIN MANUGISTIQUE® specialises in auditing goods handling processes and producing systems on wheels for positioning and transporting heavy, large or fragile loads. Over a hundred years old, GAUSSIN has sold over 50,000 handling vehicles worldwide and has a high reputation in three rapidly expanding markets: Energy, Transport and Raw Materials.

GAUSSIN MANUGISTIQUE® has been quoted on the Euronext Paris Free Market since July 2006.


Christophe GAUSSIN


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