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On 18 June 2007, the Mixed General Meeting of FINUCHEM approved the accounts for the financial year ending on 31 December 2006 and decided to distribute a dividend of ¤ 0.50per share.

In accordance with the relevant resolutions voted during the General Meeting, any shareholder is entitled to ask to be paid the dividends due to him, either in cash or in Finuchem shares.

In accordance with regulations in force, shares that are created as payment of the dividend are issued at a price equivalent to 90% of the average share price listed for the twenty trading sessions before the date of the General Meeting, minus the net amount of the dividend. The issue price of the new shares therefore comes out at 15.85 Euros per share.

The record date for determining whether a shareholder is entitled to a dividend on its shares shall be 27 June

Any shareholder wishing to opt for a dividend payment in shares must request this from his financial intermediary, for the entire dividend due to him, between 27 June 2007 and 16 July 2007 included.

Any shareholder that has not exercised his option on or before 16 July 2007 may only be paid the dividend owed to him in cash. The dividend will be paid in cash after 31 July 2007, i.e. after the option period has expired for a dividend payment in shares.

If the total dividend in respect of which an option has been exercised does not correspond to a whole number of shares, the shareholder may only receive the whole number of shares, rounded down, plus a cash payment.

The shares which are issued in payment of the dividend shall themselves carry the right to future dividends and other rights with effect from the start of the current financial year.  These newly issued shares will be listed on Eurolist on the same line as the shares previously issued by Finuchem.

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Loïc LE BERRE - Financial Director

Tél. : 033 (0) 1 44 77 94 77

About FINUCHEM Group
The FINUCHEM Group markets robotic and automated systems, integrating state-of-the-art technologies developed by its design office. Today, the firm is present in the aeronautics and automotive industries, the marine and defence sectors, and the semi-conductor industry.
FINUCHEM Group is listed in the C compartment of Eurolist by Euronext Paris
Codes: ISIN FR0000062671 - Bloomberg FINU:FP
Société Anonyme" (French corporation)
with a share capital of ¤ 6,183,689 .
Registered office: 15/19, rue des Mathurins 75009 Paris.
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