FINAXO ENVIRONNEMENT : Jean-Claude Oppeneau, former expert for the French Ministry of the Environment and ex-deputy director of ADEME, is named special advisor to the president of Finaxo Environnement


With the nomination of Jean Claude Oppeneau, former expert for the French Ministry of the Environment and ex-deputy director of ADEME, as special advisor to the president, Finaxo Environnement reinforces its expertise and development capacity in the energy utilisation of organic matter.

A chemical engineer with a doctorate degree, Mr. Oppeneau is an expert in the world of energy and the environment. He was notably the technical consultant for the Minister of the Environment's cabinet from 1972 to 1995, and on the Minister's request, he was named advisor and then deputy director of ADEME, the French Environmental and Energy Management Agency, from 1995 to 2007. Associate professor at the Ecole Nationale d'Administration (ENA) on water, waste and the organisation of French environmental institutions (2005-06), he has made numerous presentations and conferences on the environment and sustainable development.

Mr. Oppeneau has also acquired vast knowledge of the network of companies and research offices specialising in energy and the environment, both major corporations and SMEs. He has been a key player in most of the innovative procedures in the sector since 1975. From this perspective, he was highly involved in the creation of competitive centres.

He will help Finaxo Envionnement continue to develop its pyrogasification technology for the energy utilisation of organic matter and more specifically with its numerous applications in the field of synthetic eco-fuels.

Finaxo Environnement specializes in water treatment and biomass energy applications. As well as designing and making wastewater and drinking water treatment plants, it owns and develops rapid pyrogasification technology for organic matter treatment and energy utilization.

Finaxo Environnement has been listed on the Marché Libre stock market since 18 June 2007.

ISIN: FR0010487272

Pascal Colignon, President

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