FINAXO ENVIRONNEMENT : Finaxo Environnement takes a further step forward in industrial development of its rapid pyrogasification process

  • Five conventions signed with industrial and environment services groups to extend process feasibility studies

  • Quotes on process totalling ¤100 million already

Initial success prompts conventions with industrial and environment services groups on extended feasibility studies for Finaxo Environnement pyrogasification process

Following successful tests (results 5% better than forecast) on distillery beet slops at its pilot validation unit at the CVG Carbohydrate Utilization Centre in Amiens (France), Finaxo Environnement is taking a further step forward in its development programme with the signature of five conventions on tests and feasibility studies for its rapid pyrogasification process, with various co-products and dried sludge from urban and industrial waste treatment plants.

Three of the conventions are for applications with urban and industrial sludge, and two are for applications with a yeast plant co-product and used tyres, with recovery and transformation units.

The feasibility studies will begin in December 2007 at the pilot validation unit at the CVG Carbohydrate Utilization Centre in Amiens (France).

Quotes totalling ¤100 million confirm mounting interest in Finaxo Environnement's rapid pyrogasification process

Judging from quotes totalling close to ¤100 million already, Finaxo Environnement's rapid gasification process arouses considerable interest from industrial, agricultural and environment services groups.

Pyrogasification involves ultra-fast transfer of heat to the heart of the material, in the absence of oxygen, to burn organic matter and extract gas as a utilizable energy source and produce fertilizer rich in potassium and trace elements.

The quotes are for applications with animal flours, used tyres, agricultural co-products, distillery slops, straw, wood, wine-making co-products, fish co-products, and sludge from agro-food industry waste treatment plants.

Finaxo Environnement specializes in water treatment and biomass energy applications. As well as designing and making wastewater and drinking water treatment plants, it owns and develops rapid pyrogasification technology for organic matter treatment and energy utilization.

Finaxo Environnement has been listed on the Marché Libre stock market since 18 June 2007.

ISIN: FR0010487272


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