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Financial communiqué

TRAILOR-ACTM International


TRAILOR-ACTM International (TAI), jewel of the French industry, is a family story for more than a century. As a holiding company, it controls the TRAILOR industries, founded in 1879 and ACTM created in 1936.

TAI, very active on the European and Mediterranean markets of rolling engines, concentrates on its basic know-how in order to recover its leading market place again.

From its very beginning, ACTM pays a particular attention to innovation in order to answer the needs of its customers, studying with them the best way to achieve their objectives by giving a priority to the quality of the material and security of the users.

Its main motivation: efficiency is adaptation. Therefore, each vehicle built is unique because it is adapted to the specific need of the customers.

ACTM validates this know-how because it is has for a long time a training school delivering diplomas recognized by the State, allowing the company to meet the customers’ quality standards and due to its technological monitoring to answer today the future needs of the market.

ð “High class fashion”

Today, the ACTM product range is made of: machine freighters, prefabricated elements freighters, dumpsters all famous worldwide.

TRAILOR confirms its fundamentals:strength, quality, security, reliability and productivity. Its offer, cover the market demand for road transport in answering the needs of all users, and more specifically, in the civil field.

Its turn-key offer allows it to answer immediately its clientele.

ð “Ready to Wear”

Its product range: semi trailers maxi-lateral and maxi-cubes, container carriers, trucks, chassis, load platforms, fuel carriers, engine carriers.

TAI competitive advantages

- a worldwide well-known brand in an open and growing market with a real expectation of its customers in term of its reputation and know-how;

- a new process, a R&D department reinforced by multi-disciplinary engineers,, guaranteed sophisticated systems, a well-known recognized after sales department;

- a performing supplying capacity leading to an aggressive buying strategy, organized and already winning, short and on time delivery periods (4 months where the competitors takes between 7 and 15 months), validating a high price policy , an adaptability to customers’ needs, a tailored follow-up;

- a real competition due to a deliberate selection policy of most profitable contracts for TAI (selection of 25% of the proposed contracts).

A high grade clientele

- Ministry of Defense, UNO, NATO, RENAULT Trucks, Eiffage, Hertz, Vinci, Bouygues Construction, MATRA, ALSTOM, EADS,

Financial track record

TRAILOR-ACTM listed on the Marché Libre of NYSE Euronext Paris on August 6th 2007 at a value of 45 million euros and raised about 3.7 million euros from institutional investors.

The guidance released at the IPO being based on a fund rising of 10 million euros, to be used to reduce debt and also to develop its activity abroad (important back log orders) and to continue its recruitment policy (engineers) for the development of its products and for the strengthening of its sales force. The company had to postpone or refuse some contracts which explain the figures thereafter.

The forecast fiscal year 2007 which will be end on 05.31.08 (from June 1st to May 31st) is the following:

in 1,000 €






Net profit



* Forecast figures based on the present activity (capital increase excluded)

Extension of the capital increase

In order to allow TRAILOR-ACTM International to meet its guidance at the time of the IPO, the company extended its capital increase by raising an additional 6.3 million euro.

Taking into account the deferred revenues and profit linked to the initial fund raising which was beyond the initial forecast, the Board of Directors presided by M. Hugues BIRKEL proposes to the market a value, in the frame of the present capital increase, based on the following:

Number of shares in circulation: 1 082 182 of a par value of 0.25€

Proposed market value: €32.5 million

Price per share: €30.00

Number of shares offered: 210.000

Capital increase amount €6.3 Million

Priority period for existing shareholders*: From March 10 to 18 /2008

Closing of the operation: March 20th, 2008

* who can prouve the holding of their shares on March 5th, 2008.

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