EU's Moscovici says ball in Athens camp

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PARIS, July 8 (Reuters) - EU Economics Commissioner Pierre Moscovici said it was up to the Greeks to find new ways to solve the country's debt crisis and that a deal was now in sight. Euro zone members have given Greece until the end of the week to come up with fresh proposals in return for loans that will keep the country from crashing out of Europe's currency bloc. ID:nL8N0ZN0LW All 28 European Union leaders are due to meet on Sunday. "The ball is clearly in Greece's camp", Moscovici told France 2 television on Wednesday. "By Sunday, a solution needs to be found, I think it can be." Moscovici also said France and Germany had a "common approach" towards Greece. "There are differences (...) but also the feeling that if France and Germany don't move forward together, nothing happens", he said. (Reporting by Matthias Blamont; editing by Mark John) Keywords: EUROZONE GREECE/MOSCOVICI

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  • pbenard6 le mercredi 8 juil 2015 à 11:10

    et avec sa meuf, il parle en quelle langue?

  • M9244933 le mercredi 8 juil 2015 à 11:06

    The fly of the coach - la mouche du coche.

  • M4369955 le mercredi 8 juil 2015 à 10:17

    De mieux en mieux : on a maintenant des articles en Anglais en France ! vivement qu'on quitte cette europe et qu'on retrouve un peu de notre fierté et de notre souveraineté

  • xk8r le mercredi 8 juil 2015 à 09:39

    Moscou Vichy en anglais LOL

  • odnaz le mercredi 8 juil 2015 à 08:45

    Même en anglais Mosco est ridicule ! on le connaît trop !

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