ECONOCOM : Georges Croix and Econocom join forces to create Digital Dimension, a cloud and digital solutions provider


Georges Croix and Econocom are setting up a company specialising in communication and front office solutions on a pay-per-use basis. This new growth project confirms Econocom Group's intentions to establish itself as a major business-to-business digital service provider. Georges Croix has been appointed CEO of Digital Dimension.

Econocom, of which Jean-Louis Bouchard is founder and chairman, and Georges Croix (former CEO of Prosodie) are jointly investing in order to offer large European corporations state-of-the-art cloud-based digital solutions.

The Digital Dimension platform will facilitate digital convergence (fixed-mobile, voice-data, IT-telecom), which has become an essential part of corporate life. Digital Dimension will provide effective solutions for the complete range of devices used in companies (PCs, laptops, tablets, smartphones, etc.).

Digital Dimension's future clients will benefit from innovative communication solutions from shared platforms. These end-to-end offerings will guarantee businesses:

  • Services available in real time, 24/7
  • Scalable applications and architectures
  • Secure connections
  • Database integrity
  • Simpler management of various workstation environments, including mobile ICT solutions for workers on the move.

"By choosing Digital Dimension's offerings, large corporations will be able to free themselves of many of the restrictions and complexities of managing such environments, whilst offering their end-users a high standard of services," said Georges Croix.

Digital Dimension will benefit from around ¤100 million of funding over three years to support its launch and expansion. Some highly targeted acquisitions will be made in order to build up the platform quickly and enable it to become a major player specialising in designing and managing cloud-based digital solutions.


 "In an open world where access to information is paramount, the keys to building Digital Dimension's offerings will be Anytime, Anywhere, Any device and Pay-per-use," said Jean-Louis Bouchard, chairman of Econocom Group. "I am very excited to be launching this wonderful project with a true entrepreneur who shares the same values and ambition as Econocom Group," he added.

 "Given the rapid rate at which technologies evolve, it is crucial for companies to open up their IT systems. This will enable them to win new business quickly and build up their reputation. This is a real opportunity for Digital Dimension," said Georges Croix.

"I plan to assist these companies by offering them innovative solutions by mid-2014. We are aiming for revenue of ¤120 million by the end of 2016."

About Econocom
Econocom is a European provider of business-to-business digital services. In 2012, it posted consolidated revenue of ¤1.54 billion. The services provided by the group include consulting, distribution, technology management & financing, and a complete range of IT outsourcing services.

On 22 November 2013, Econocom finalised the acquisition of the entire share capital of Osiatis, a major infrastructure service provider and related applications specialist. This transaction has resulted in the creation of a major new digital service company, with over 8,000 employees in 20 countries and cumulated revenue of around ¤2 billion.

The Econocom Group share (BE0974266950 - ECONB) has been listed on the Euronext NYSE in Brussels since 1986 and is part of the BelMid index.

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About Georges Croix
Over the past few years, Georges Croix has held the following positions:

- Chairman and CEO of Prosodie Group
- Managing Director of Prosodie
- Founder and manager of RSDI and Polisoft, two IT service companies which merged with SJT to become Prosodie Group in 1998
- Co-founder of France's first telematics server centre, SYTEM,
- Contributed to setting up and launching the National Lottery in France.

Georges Croix is currently:

- Chairman and CEO of Consulting and investment
- Member of the Executive Board of 'Réseau Citoyen Cyberdéfense', sponsored by the French Ministry of Defence
- Mentor for SMBs at the Paris Chamber of Commerce & Industry.

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