Custom Solutions - 1st half 2015 - Results - Press release - 16.06.2015

Income before employee profit-sharing : ? 721K? (+13.4%)
Net consolidated income (group share) : ? 554k (+1%)

The results of the 1st Half take advantage of the growth of 2.2 % of sales and of the increase of the 3 points gross margin related to the strategic refocusing operated in 2014: the sale of the group’s logistic activities on October 1st, 2014 and the acquisition of the companies “Securised Guarantee Promotion“ (SGP, formerly APP) and Lojaali, consolidated for the first time on H1. This refocusing allows to show a return in the growth of the operating profit which turns to 7,5 % of sales.

The financial result is established in 3,7% of sales, decreasing by 20.2 %, because of an unfavorable base effect, the H1 2014 having been impacted by strong added values sales of financial products. The group waits however for a more homogeneous distribution of its financial products between H1 and H2, contrary to 2014 (71 % of the financial result of 2014 had been made on H1).

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