CCA INTERNATIONAL : Marked improvement in Group operating profit (up 10.7%)

2007 1st half-year

CCA International, a company specialising in remote customer relation management, published today its Group consolidated financial statements for the 2007 1st half-year, prepared in accordance with IFRS standards, featuring further improvements in profitability by all business segments.

(¤ thousands) 2007 HY1 2006 HY1
Sales 33,676 33,865
Profit from operations 1,857 1,361
Other non-current income (expenses) (350) -
Operating profit 1,507 1,361
Net finance income (expense) (94) (246)
Profit before tax 1,413 1,115
Net profit 880 951
Net profit - Group share 873 1,010

Stable sales

The Group realised Q2 sales of ¤ 16.6 million, compared to ¤ 17.5 million for the same period of the previous financial year.  Sales for the 1st half-year totalled ¤ 33.7 million, virtually stable from the 1st half-year of 2006.  24% of sales were generated internationally and 76% in France.

Group sales are customarily lower in the 1st half-year than in the 2nd and featured the renewal of contractual relationships of each subsidiary with major customers (France Telecom/Orange, Renault, HP, 118 218, Grupo Planeta in particular).  Having successfully turned around, the Group is now focusing on the next stage of expanding its operations in accordance with a profitable growth model.  Commercial operations were significantly stepped up in that respect in the 1st half-year.

Marked improvement in operating profit margin

Following operational consolidation implemented over the past three years by the Management, 1st half-year results again featured a significant increase in the profitability of Group operations, with an operating profit margin of 4.5% of sales, compared to 4% in the 2006 1st half-year.  This profit margin was 5.5% excluding non-current expenses.

Operating profit thus registered a year-to-year increase of 10.7% (or 36% excluding non-current expenses).

Such a performance is the result of measures continuously implemented for almost 3 years, thereby testifying to the profit-earning culture that motivates all Group managers and employees.

A sign of the positive turnaround and the strengthened Group financial position, net finance expense also markedly improved to (¤ 94 thousand), compared to (¤ 246 thousand) for the 1st half of the previous financial year.

Sharp growth in profit before tax

Consequently, profit before tax amounted to ¤ 1.41 million at 30 June 2007, up 26.7% compared to the same period of the previous financial year.  The Group registered a ¤ 533 thousand tax charge (compared to ¤ 164 thousand in 2006, which took account of unrecognised tax losses).  Therefore, the Group realised net profit of ¤ 880 thousand for the first six months of the financial year.  

Disposal of the Group's subsidiary in Guadeloupe

Established in Guadeloupe since 2001, the Group sold on 1 July 2007 its entire shareholding in CCA West in full, since the subsidiary did not show any growth potential as part of the strategy implemented by CCA International.  Following this sale, the Group recognised ¤ 350 thousand in expenses from non-current transactions.  The disposal will have no major impact on 2007 full-year Group sales and will contribute to continuously improve financial results over the whole financial year.

Growth through off-shore operations and acquisitions

At the same time as the commercial expansion dynamic, currently driving each Group subsidiary, the management team led by Jean Pierre Cismaresco, Chairman of the Management Board, repeat their intent to carry out new acquisitions and continue to develop CCA International's off-shore offering.

About CCA International...

CCA International, a company specialising in Contact Centre management chaired by Jean Pierre Cismaresco, offers a complete range of services, from outsourced management, customer relations (on-line service) to telesales and pre-sales operations (telemarketing), with high added value in terms of sales generation.  CCA was established in 1994 by Bernard Caiazzo.

CCA International is a European leader with prestigious references such as Hewlett Packard, Orange, General Motors, Renault, SFR, Sony, 9Cegetel, Grupo Planeta, Caixa Catalunya, British Telecom, 118 218 Le Numero, Canal +, etc...

CCA International is listed in Eurolist Compartment C of the Euronext Paris Stock Exchange (ISIN code: FR0000078339 - CCA - Reuters KLCA.LN) and is a component of the NextEconomy segment.

For further information, please contact the Company head office at 26 rue Cambacérès, 75008 PARIS, or visit the website:

CCA International ACTUS
Jean Pierre Cismaresco
Chairman of the Management Board
Tel: +33 (0)1 53 05 75 75
Sébastien Berret
Analyst / Investor Relations
Tel: +33 (0)1 53 67 36 52
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