Strong 4th quarter for the AURES group
Turnover 2013 : ¤ 52,4 m + 62%


Turnover (K¤) 2012 2013 Variance
Q1 8 716 12 323 + 41,4%
Q2 8 658 13 230 + 52,8%
Q3 7 494 13 439 + 79,3% 
Q4 7 537 13 449 + 78,4%
Total for financial year 32 405 52 441 + 61,8%

Proforma Turnover (K¤) 2012 2013 Variation Variance at flat exchange rate
Q1 13 468 12 323 - 8,5% -7,7%
Q2 14 083 13 230 - 6,0% -3,8%
Q3 12 105 13 439 + 11,0% +16,7%
Q4 12 971 13 449 + 3,7% +7,7%
Total for financial year 52 627 52 441 - 0,4% +2,8%


In 2013, the Aures Group recorded a 62 % growth in turnover to¤ 52.4 m.

This was the first year that the Aures Group has exceeded 50m Euros turnover, and this was a result of both organic growth and the acquisition of the J2 group of companies in January 2013.

The integration of the J2 companies into the Aures Group was successfully managed during 2013.

All the J2 companies grew strongly in 2013, led by the American subsidiary where turnover increased by more than 35%.

Turnover of each the existing Aures companies (France, UK and Germany) was higher in the second half year compared to the same period in 2012.

The anticipated recovery in the second half year in the turnover of the Aures companies reversed the downward trend of the first half year when the group's turnover was 7.8% below the level of 2012 on a pro-forma basis. At constant exchange rates, pro-forma turnover for the Aures companies for the full year 2013 was 3% higher than 2012.


Outlook 2014

Prospects for 2014 remain difficult to forecast. There is a high level of uncertainty as to when the financial crisis in France will come to an end.

Nevertheless, the enlarged size of the group and the successful merger of our subsidiaries in the United States and England gives the Group significant advantages that greatly improve Aures's competitive position in international markets.

The Group aims to take advantage of this enhanced position and is targeting growth in 2014.


About the AURES Group

Founded in 1989 and listed on Euronext since 1999, the AURES Group manufactures EPOS systems and related peripherals.

Its PC-based hardware and open-system equipment provides management and till functions to all points-of-sale and points-of-service, including specialist food and non-food stores, retail outlets, superstores, catering and hospitality. 

The AURES Group - which includes AURES Technologies and J2 Retail Systems - has global presence, with its head office in France, subsidiaries in the UK, Germany, Australia and the USA - and a network of distributors and resellers located in more than 50 other countries.

The number of systems and EPOS terminals marketed by the AURES Group since 2009 is over 200,000 units, for annual sales now exceeding ¤50 million.


Code ISIN : FR 0000073827
Contact : Sabine De Vuyst

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