AKKA TECHNOLOGIES : Nine-Month Revenue


Business activities continued to improve in Q3

Q 4 shows Marked Reversal of Trend

Consolidated Revenue (1 January - 30 September)

In M¤ (non audited) 30.09.2009 30.09.2008
Q3e 77.4 88.1
9 months to date 242.3 282.8

Trend Reversal Confirmed

The improvement in the economic and business environment was confirmed in Q 3, the bottom of the business cycle having been reached in Q2. Business during this quarter was down 11.9% as against a 15.4 % drop in the first half of the year.

Except for base effect (ex-Coframi) and the discontinuation of automotive projects, business is stable.

In an environment where the business sector has regained some measure of composure, the automotive sector shows signs of turning upward with aeronautics still accounting for 25% of revenue. Energy grew 23%, confirming its resilience. The same is true of the space and defence sectors. Rail activities remain buoyant

International business: a major avenue of development for AKKA Technologies

Our international business is also trending upward, although it is up by 0.2 %. Results, however, vary greatly from one country to another.

Business in Belgium and Romania has kept its momentum while Switzerland is facing a tougher situation.
Germany will soon employ 100 staff at 31 December 2009 thanks to the creation in early 2009 of AKKA Deutschland based in Munich and the acquisition, last April, of Hamburg-Based Octogon.

International business today accounts for 12.1% of revenue and should in the future grow more swiftly owing to our strategy of focusing on key accounts.

Favourable trends in Q 4

Several indicators are pointing in the right direction ; the activity rate has improved markedly and will be back to normal in Q4; the automotive sector has been rebounding as of September and other sectors are holding up well; all these factors are bound to have a positive impact on business in Q 4, 2009.

Although the environment has become more conducive to business activities, visibility remains somewhat limited as to the future. AKKA Technologies has kept to its policy of rigorous management aimed at paring costs. At the same time, the Group is speeding up its development in the most buoyant sectors such as energy and, aerospace and is targeting added-value segments that provide higher returns.

This strategy is made possible thanks to the initiatives put in train by AKKA Technologies to preserve its skills base and implement the resources and training programmes required to leverage the experience and expertise acquired by its teams.

AKKA Technologies remains very keen on preserving a sound financial equilibrium. On the strength of its independence and financial solidity, AKKA Technologies is currently looking into acquisition opportunities in both Germany and France.

Next press release :Q4 revenue , 11 February 2010 after the trading day

About AKKA Technologies
AKKA Technologies, a high-technology and engineering Consultancy, is providing guidance to industrial companies across the various stages of their projects, from R&D and design to assembly-line production.
AKKA Technologies through its expertise in complementary fields delivers real added value to industrial companies in every market segment: automotive, aeronautics, space/defence, consumer electronics, telecommunications, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, steelmaking energy, rail, naval operations and services...
Thanks to its highly mobile teams and its global footprint, AKKA Technologies is involved in many cutting-edge projects across the world.
At 30 June 2009, the group had 5,020 staff and more than 40 offices in France, Belgium, Italy, UK, Germany, Switzerland, Morocco, India and Romania

AKKA Technologies is listed on Euronext(TM) Paris Eurolist - Compartment C - ISIN  Code: FR0004180597. SBF 250 index and CAC small 90

Contacts :

AKKA Technologies
Nicolas Valtille / CFO - Tel. : 04 78 92 60 83 - finances@akka.eu

Actus Lyon
Amalia Naveira -  Analysts/investors relations - Tel. : 04 72 18 04 92 - anaveira@actus.fr
Marie-Claude Triquet - Press officer - Tel. : 04 72 18 04 93 - mctriquet@actus.fr

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