AKKA TECHNOLOGIES : Growth Continues Unabated - Q1 Revenue at 96.8 M. Euros - Sustained organic Growth


Consolidated revenue (1st Jan - 31st March)

In M¤ 31.03.2008 31.03.2007 Variation
First-quarter revenue 96,8 50,2 + 93%

Business activities growing strongly in Q 1

AKKA Technologies nearly doubled its business turnover in the first quarter.

Group revenue stands at 96.8 M¤. Excluding COFRAMI revenue is up 24.1 % in spite of working one day less in the course of the quarter

At the end of March, the Group employed 5,200 staff and remains committed to pursuing an energetic recruitment policy

International business which accounts for 10% of global revenue has doubled over  Q1 2008.

Over the first quarter 2008, COFRAMI has confirmed the growth dynamic seen at the end of 2007, with an Average Daily Rate and an activity rate in line with expectations.

In spite of tough industrial competition and a fraught recruitment situation, AKKA Technologies is fully capitalizing on its market positioning and customer referrals and on the synergies put in place for COFRAMI.

The Group is confident that it will achieve its business goals:

AKKA Technologies is a key player in its market segment and Q1 results have confirmed that the Group is on the right track.

Organic growth should be around 10%;

COFRAMI's turnaround is now fully on track;

Foreign subsidiaries should continue to increase their revenue streams;

The Group intends to capitalize on its ability to attract and retain new staff against the background of a fraught recruitment situation.

The Group has already started to pay down its debt.

Next press release:  Q 2 revenue, on 31 July 2008 (after the close of the trading day).

About AKKA Technologies

AKKA Technologies, a high-technology and engineering Consultancy, is providing guidance to industrial companies across the various stages of their projects, from R&D and design to assembly-line production.
AKKA Technologies through its expertise in complementary fields delivers real added value to industrial companies in every market segment: automotive, aeronautics, space/defense, consumer electronics, telecommunications, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, steelmaking energy, rail, etc.
Thanks to its high mobile teams and its global footprint, AKKA Technologies participates in cutting-edge projects across the world. At 31 March 2008, AKKA Technologies employed 5,200 staff and had over 40 subsidiaries in France, Belgium, the UK, Switzerland, Morocco and Romania

AKKA Technologies is listed on NYSE-EuronextTM Paris - Compartment C - ISIN Code: FR0004180537.


AKKA Technologies
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Actus Lyon
Amalia Naveira - Analyst and Investor Relationships- Tel: 04 72 18 04 92 - anaveira@actus.fr
Marie-Claude Triquet - Press Relations Officer - Tel : 04 72 18 04 93 - mctriquet@actus.fr

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