AKKA TECHNOLOGIES : AKKA Technologies showcases its aeronautic skills at the Paris Air Show at Le Bourget - Chalet B291

Lyon, 17 June 2013 - The AKKA Technologies Group, European leader in the aeronautical engineering industry, is taking this opportunity to showcase its expertise and technological innovation in the field of aeronautics. The Group offers a unique, comprehensive range of aeronautic engineering services: systems, mechanical, documentation, design, process and methods, as well as support for manufacturer's clients.
During the show, AKKA Technologies will be presenting:
o Its innovative cabin design and layout solutions.
o Its cockpit iPad dock.
o Its expertise in the field of Multiphysics Simulation.
o Its "More Electrical Aircraft" electrical systems architecture tools
  • Innovative cabin design and layout solutions:
To illustrate the breadth of its expertise in the area of interior layouts, AKKA Technologies and MBtech will be showcasing a huge range of skills, including design, digital models, proof-of-concept for interior layout solutions, colour and trim options and modelling. On the stand, visitors will be able to see some of the innovative layout concepts and initial design work on the interior of a plane.
AKKA Technologies and its subsidiary MBtech use advanced viewer technology to suggest different layout configurations incorporating 3D and electrical elements. The solution interfaces directly with the PDM system (Product Data Management) to access real development and design data, so you can see the cost of the configuration option chosen by the client immediately, for the initial design as well as for adjustments to the cabin.
  • An iPad dock for the cockpit, a fantastically useful tool for pilots:
AKKA Technologies presents its integrated cockpit iPad dock, with a demo to show off its expertise in airplane modifications, which includes connectivity solutions.

To enable pilots to use tablets during take-off and landing, the experts at AKKA Technologies and Aeroconseil have created a system that incorporates a dock for tablets and the Electronic Flight Bag (EFB). The first models, which were certified at the end of March, are the latest addition to the list of 700 "Supplemental Type Certificates" and modifications offered by AKKA and Aeroconseil.
Developed using a ball joint fixed to the window mount in the cockpit, the iPad dock is adjustable and maintains the visual integrity of the flight deck as well as offering landscape and portrait orientation options. This means that pilots can view navigation maps, approach charts, calculation software and any other app that the pilot might find useful.
  • Multiphysics Simulation with new functions:
In the field of multiphysics simulation, the AKKA Technologies Group is developing a cockpit simulator and rapid prototyping solutions using HMI VAPS XT design software.
AKKA Technologies can produce cockpit interface models of innovative concepts offering a fast development cycle. The Group can reproduce a large proportion of a cockpit's flight instruments, develop a database of models that can be used for different HMI subjects, create new multi-touch and eye tracking functions with HMI VAPS to explore new ways of interacting with systems, and ultimately put together an HMI development kit within the VAPS XT software.
  • "More Electrical Aircraft" electrical systems architecture tools:
AKKA Technologies puts on "More Electrical Aircraft" and "Computational Fluid Dynamics" demonstrations, where experts present tools for electrical systems architectures, optimising machine design, modelling and simulation tools that we have developed and used in the pre-project design phase and development work on programmes for Airbus and other aircraft manufacturers, as well as in the research and development work that we do for our clients.

Throughout the event, the AKKA Technologies experts will be doing other demonstrations involving digital simulation for fluid mechanics, the D-Taxi function (Data link Taxi Clearance Delivery) to improve airplane movement on the ground, onboard GSM connectivity, electrical systems modelling and simulation and transferring skills from the automotive sector to aeronautics.
There will also be events within the chalet to talk about the latest aeronautical technology solutions from AKKA Technologies.
All of these innovative solutions help to consolidate the AKKA Technologies Group's expertise in the field of aeronautical engineering, which also means that we can offer solutions that can be transferred to different areas.
For more information or to arrange a meeting at the AKKA Technologies stand during the Paris Air Show, please contact our press department.
About AKKA Technologies
"The best way to predict the future is to invent it.
Let's share our passion for technology."

AKKA Technologies, a European Engineering and Technology Consultancy Group, supports major industrial and service sector clients throughout the various phases of their projects, from R&D and design studies to industrial production. Expertise in a range of complementary fields means that AKKA Technologies can offer real added value to its clients in every market segment, including aviation, automotive, space/defence, consumer electronics, telecommunications, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, steel, energy, rail, marine and the service industry.
The market leader in Germany and France in the Automotive and Aviation industries, the mobility of its teams and its international position mean that AKKA Technologies works on projects at the cutting edge of technology all over the world.
The AKKA Technologies Group has over 11,000 employees and bases in 20 countries: Germany, Belgium, Canada, China, U.A.E., Spain, France, Hungary, Italy, India, Morocco, the Netherlands, the Czech Republic, Romania, the United Kingdom, Russia, Switzerland, Tunisia, Turkey and the U.S.A. AKKA is focusing on building a group of over ¤1 billion, at least 50% of which will be outside France.
AKKA Technologies is listed on EuronextTM Paris - Compartment B - ISIN Code: FR0004180537.
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More information at www.akka.eu
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