AKKA TECHNOLOGIES : AKKA Technologies is confirmed as official supplier to Embraer, the world’s 3rd largest aircraft manufacturer


The AKKA Technologies Group, European leader in the aeronautic engineering industry, formalises its relationship with the world's 3rd largest aircraft manufacturer against the backdrop of the 50th Paris Air Show, in the presence of Luiz Fernando Fuchs, CEO of Embraer Aviation International, and Jean-Franck Ricci, the Group's Sales CEO.

AKKA becomes the trusted supplier of the leading aircraft manufacturers.

Thanks to its extensive understanding of aeronautical technology and its ongoing desire to strive towards excellence, AKKA works with Brazilian aircraft manufacturer Embraer, providing support in the management of its overseas programmes, particularly in the following areas: Software, Systems Electrical and Avionics, Customer Services, Structures (Project & Analysis), Technical Publication, CAD Conversion.

Drawing on its unique position in the sphere of engineering, with firm foundations in Europe's main markets and a leading position in the field of aeronautics, AKKA is now a trusted partner of most major aircraft manufacturers, and is well equipped to work with them on the most demanding technological projects to open up exciting new prospects for growth.

AKKA gears up for worldwide development.

In keeping with its balanced strategy, AKKA Technologies works closely with new transnational aeronautic companies, offering new services and establishing its position as an international player. With this in mind, Embraer has approached AKKA, asking for help to secure certification for software and electronic equipment, opening the door for exciting opportunities in the future. AKKA is also working on other applications in fields covered by the Group, which are currently being analysed by Embraer's technical departments.

"This international project fits in perfectly with our desire to work with our foreign clients, and consolidate the added value we offer to prestigious projects. It also helps to establish the AKKA Group's prospects for development and nurture international partnerships," clarifies Nicolas Pacault, Vice-President Aerospace at AKKA Technologies.

AKKA Technologies, an international Group that works around the world, has built a unique European platform, and is gearing up to accelerate its international development. Thanks to this new commitment, in the medium term the Group will achieve an operating margin of ¤100M.

For more information or to arrange a meeting at the AKKA Technologies stand during the Paris Air Show, please contact our press department

About AKKA Technologies
"The best way to predict the future is to invent it.
Let's share our passion for technology."

AKKA Technologies, a European Engineering and Technology Consultancy Group, supports major industrial and service sector clients throughout the various phases of their projects, from R&D and design studies to industrial production. Expertise in a range of complementary fields means that AKKA Technologies can offer real added value to its clients in every market segment, including aviation, automotive, space/defence, consumer electronics, telecommunications, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, steel, energy, rail, marine and the service industry.

The market leader in Germany and France in the Automotive and Aviation industries, the mobility of its teams and its international position mean that AKKA Technologies works on projects at the cutting edge of technology all over the world.

The AKKA Technologies Group has over 11,000 employees and bases in 20 countries: Germany, Belgium, Canada, China, U.A.E., Spain, France, Hungary, Italy, India, Morocco, the Netherlands, the Czech Republic, Romania, the United Kingdom, Russia, Switzerland, Tunisia, Turkey and the U.S.A. AKKA is focusing on building a group of over ¤1 billion, at least 50% of which will be outside France.

AKKA Technologies is listed on EuronextTM Paris - Compartiment B - Code ISIN : FR0004180537.

Indices CAC® Small, CAC® Mid & Small, CAC® All-Tradable, CAC® All-Share

More information at www.AKKA.eu

About Embraer:

Embraer S.A. is the world's leading manufacturer of commercial jets with seating for up to 120 people, and one of Brazil's biggest exporters. Its head office is in São José dos Campos, in the state of São Paulo and the group has offices, industrial bases and customer service facilities in Brazil, China, the United States, France, Portugal and Singapore. Founded in 1969, the company designs, develops and builds aircraft, which it sells to the commercial and corporate sectors as well as to defence forces. It provides after-sales support and customer service around the world. For more information, visit www.embraer.com.br.


AKKA Technologies
Nicolas Valtille - Group CFO - Tel: 04 78 92 60 83 - finances@akka.eu
Delphine Méric - Investor Relations - Tel: 06 81 20 97 14 - d.meric@akka.eu

Actus Lyon
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