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AKKA Technologies in China
B.A.I.C., the car manufacturer, has chosen MBtech China

MBtech China, a subsidiary of AKKA Technologies, will ensure strategic cooperation for the development of the new sedans produced by B.A.I.C. (Beijing Automotive Industry Co), the Chinese car manufacturer.

A promising cooperation between B.A.I.C. and AKKA Technologies

The Chinese Group, which recently strengthened its ties to Daimler, will use the engineering skills of MBtech China, a subsidiary of the AKKA Technologies Group. BAIC (Beijing Automotive Industry Co) wants to establish itself on the Chinese medium & premium segment, and intends to develop new models at a rate of at least 15 per year. Its first major project involves the design of its new C90 models, which will use the Mercedes E-Class manufacturing platform.

Gu Lei, the Chairman of the Beijing Automotive Research Institute, said in an interview with Netcom: "The strengthening of our R&D teams and the integration of design engineering from well known-manufacturers form part of B.A.I.C.'s strategy, which is aimed at setting the stage for new models. Two key factors have enabled a sharp increase in B.A.I.C's engineering capabilities, namely the integration of the Saab R&D teams, and close cooperation with MBtech China". The AKKA Technologies Group's global positioning will enable it to support B.A.I.C's development.

This collaboration boosts the future development of AKKA Technologies and its subsidiaries.

AKKA Technologies benefits from its global positioning strategy, which was launched several years ago and is in keeping with the trend in the markets, which are signalling a change in the size of forthcoming contracts.

As an international group with global offers, AKKA has set up a unique European base and is well on course to step up growth around the world. As an illustration of its buoyant outlook, the Group will achieve a ¤100 million operating margin in the medium term.

About AKKA Technologies

"The best way to predict the future is to invent it.
Let's spread a passion for technology." »

AKKA Technologies, a European Engineering and Technology Consulting Group, supports large industrial and service companies in the various stages of their projects, from R&D and research to industrialisation. Through its expertise in complementary businesses, AKKA Technologies provides genuine value-added to its customers across all industry sectors, including aeronautics, automotive, space & defence, consumer electronics, telecommunications, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, steel, energy, railways, marine, and services, etc.

As a market leader in the Automotive and Aerospace sectors in France and Germany, and thanks to the mobility of its staff and its international positioning, AKKA Technologies is involved in cutting-edge technology projects throughout the world.

The AKKA Technologies Group has over 11,000 employees and operates in 20 countries, including Germany, Belgium, Canada, China, the UAE, Spain, France, Hungary, Italy, India, Morocco, the Netherlands, the Czech Republic, Romania, the United Kingdom, Russia, Switzerland, Tunisia, Turkey, and the US. AKKA is focusing on building a ¤1 billion group, where over 50% of the revenues are generated outside France.

AKKA Technologies is listed on EuronextTM Paris - Compartment B - ISIN Code: FR0004180537.
CAC® Small, CAC® Mid & Small, CAC® All-Tradable, and CAC® All-Share indices

For further information, go to www.akka.eu


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