AEROWATT : 1st Quarter 2009 : Turnover: + 31%


Saran, 5th May 2009 - Aérowatt, a green electricity generator in France, released its consolidated* turnover figures for the 1st quarter 2009.

In ¤k (unaudited accounts) 2008 2009 Variation
1st Quarter 1,879 2,644 + 31%

In the 1st quarter of 2009, Aérowatt achieved a turnover* of ¤2.6M, an increase of 31% in one year. The increase is the result of the efficiency of its existing facilities and the increased capacity of its installations. As of 31st March 2009, Aérowatt operates a capacity of 69MW wind energy and 2.8MWc solar energy.

Business boosted by developments in Metropolitan France

The turnover* generated in Metropolitan France has increased 5.5-fold in one year thanks to the commissioning of a site in Saint-Jean-Lachalm (12 MW) in the Haute-Loire region at the end of 2008. Aérowatt is therefore continuing to rebalance its business, 18% of its turnover* now being achieved in Metropolitan France (4% in the first quarter of 2008) and 82% overseas. This trend is going to continue with an increase in the load of its Saint-Jean-Lachalm site and plans for new facilities.

Overseas turnover* is up 12%. Business at its New Caledonia power stations has developed considerably after exceptional low wind conditions in 2008.

In addition to these figures, Jérôme Billerey, Chairman of the Board, states: "the growth in our turnover is the result of our increased capacity. We are continuing to develop in accordance with our route plan and our short and medium-term objectives."

About Aérowatt

An independent renewable energy power producer in Metropolitan France and Overseas, Aérowatt involves itself in every stage of the development of its wind and solar power stations, from identifying sites to selling electricity.

As of 31 December 2008, Aérowatt owns and operates 22 wind power stations producing 69MW and 17 solar sites producing the equivalent of 2.8 MWc. Aérowatt has a portfolio of projects for more than 1,600 MW of wind energy and has set itself the objective of achieving an installed capacity to produce 350 MW of wind energy and 50 MWc of solar energy for its own account by the end of 2013.

At the end of 2008, Aérowatt employed 45 staff, 20 of which work uniquely on project development.

Next rendezvous - Turnover* for the 1st six months of 2009 on 30 July (prior to trading commencing on the Stock Market)

(*) Turnover from energy sales


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