A NOVO : Turnover Q1 2006/2007. 16% organic growth


The turnover for the 1st quarter 2006/2007 reaches 81.9 M¤, which represents a 17% growth compared to the 70 M¤ of the 1st quarter of the previous exercise.

At equal perimeter, (i.e. except for the acquisition of ENGSTROM on April 15th, 2006 and the transfer of MEDIACALL on March 19th, 2006) the organic growth reaches 16%, keeping the acceleration momentum from the 4 previous quarters.

The distribution by segment of activity and geographical zone is as follows:

Q1  2006/07   Q1  2005/06   % Variation
Multimedia 35.3 30.3 +16.5%
Northern Region 15.5 13.1 +18.3%
Southern Region 19.8 17.2 +15.1%
Telecommunication 44.1 36.8 +19.8%
Northern Region 28.4 22.5 +26.0%
Southern Region 15.7 14.3   +9.7%
Total "Core Businesses" 79.4 67.1 +18.3%
Assembly 2.5 2.9 -13.7%
Total 81.9 70.0 +17.0%

The Multimedia segment registered a strong growth on all the regions.

Indeed, the computing equipments and the flat screens market enjoy a very strong growth on all the countries, with the increase of new pan-European contracts with HP, IBM and ASUS.

The Southern Region benefits from the strong progress of the Italian market, with the success of SKY ITALIA, whereas the French market registers temporarily a reduced growth, due to the ongoing merger of satellite platforms.

The Northern region is mainly carried by the growth of BskyB in England, as well as, in the Nordic Countries, the development of our on site activities for VIASAT.

The Telecommunication segment enjoys growth on both geographical zones, supported by the renewal of the sector and the technological convergence.

The Southern Region sees the return to growth of services in Spain, especially for VODAFONE, TELEFONICA and NOKIA; this growth should increase in the future;

The Northern Region progresses in all the European countries in a homogeneous way, both in United Kingdom, with O2, NOKIA or BT, and in the Nordic Countries, where the acquisition of ENGSTROM has reinforced our competitive position; on the Americas Region, growth should remain slow as the priority remains to deploy new services and increase profit.

All in all, although our growth continues to accelerate quarter after quarter, it is advisable to remind that the turnover of the 1st quarter 2005, had been affected by the reorganizations of the sites of Malaga (Spain) and Västerås (Sweden).

The improvement of the Group EBIT for the 1st quarter is in line with the budget.

About A NOVO
With revenues of ¤293,8 million and 4,700 employees, A NOVO is Europe's leading provider of maintenance and customization services for digital products used by the major Telecommunication and Multimedia Operators in delivering Triple Play (voice/data/image) solutions. A Novo has more than 23 sites including 16 Centers of Excellence. For more information, visit www.a-novo.com.

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