A NOVO : Second quarter revenues, 10% like-for-like growth for "core" businesses


Revenues in the second quarter of 2006/2007 totalled 82.3 M¤, up by 6% over Q2 2005/2006 (77.4 M¤)*. Core business activities (i.e. excluding assembly in Malaga and the sale of Mediacall) were up 10%, increasing from 73.1 M¤ in 2005/2006 to 80.5 M¤ in 2006/2007.

In order to maintain the economic pertinence of its financial reporting in light of the build-up of the IT Equipment/Flat screen business, henceforth the company will present its financial reporting according to three Strategic Business Areas (SBA's):

SBA "Mobility" includes cell phones and "Smart Phones"

SBA "Access" includes decoders and network access

SBA "Displays" includes PCs, monitors and flat screens

Finally, a "Non Core" item includes businesses to be divested and/or terminated.

The table below shows revenues split by SBA's:

(M¤) Q2* 2006/2007 Q2 2005/2006 % change
Mobility 40.6 36.5 + 11%
Access 29.5 27.2 + 8%
Displays 10.4 9.4 + 11%
Total 80.5 73.1 + 10%
Non core 1.8 4.3 - 58%
Total 82.3 77.4 + 6%

*January, February, March

The "Mobility" business grew by 11%, notably in Europe, driven by digital convergence, the development of our customers (O2 and NOKIA...), and the integration of Engström in Sweden. Growth in Spain is accelerating quarter after quarter.

The "Access" business continued to expand, boosted by BskyB in England, SKY in Italy, and ViaSat in the Nordic countries. The French business, however, was penalised by the ongoing merger of satellite platforms.

The "Displays" business benefited from the growth of the IT hardware market and flat screens, driven by new service agreements with major international customers (HP, IBM, Lenovo, etc.).

"Non core" business, which now includes only assembly for Thomson at Malaga, continued to decrease in accordance with the restructuring programme presented last December.

Current business dynamics enables to confirm revenues targets between 320-¤330 M¤ for 2006-2007, representing an increase of about 10% over the previous period.

For information, the table below shows revenues using the previous reporting format:

(M¤) Q2 2006/2007 Q2 2005/2006 % change
Multimédia 35.4 32.0 +11%
Northern Region 15.5 13.8 +12%
Southern Region 19.9 18.2 +10%
Telecommunications 45.1 41.2 +9.4%
Northern Region 29.3 26.3 +11.4%
Southern Region 15.8 14.9 +6.0%
Total Core Business 80.6 73.1 +10%
Non core 1.8 4.3 - 58%
Total Sales 82.3 77.4 +6%

About A NOVO

With a revenue of ¤293.8 million and 4,700 employees, A NOVO is the leading pan-European provider of maintenance and customisation services for the digital technologies used by major Telecommunications and Multimedia companies to deliver Triple Play (Voice/Data/Image) solutions. A NOVO runs 16 American and European Centres of Excellence, and handles a high product turnover with an acknowledged level of quality. For more information, please visit our website: www.a-novo.com.


François Lefebvre, Finance Director
Tel. : +33 (0)1 58 17 00 81
Marc Thoumyre, Communication
Tel. : + 33 (0)1 58 17 00 88

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