A NOVO : A NOVO engages significant relationships with ASUS, CPT, NINTENDO and VIAMICHELIN


ASUS has contracted with A NOVO for the reverse logistics of PC monitors in Europe

Already selected to handle the after-sales service and repairs of ASUS laptops in Italy and Norway (press release dated 1/30/07), this contract has been extended to France and United Kingdom. In addition, A NOVO has now been chosen to manage the reverse logistics and monitors swap program for all ASUS PC.

This contract covers 15 European countries, and the service is provided by a network of A NOVO Centers of Excellence centers, in Houdeng (Belgium), Malaga (Spain), Saronno (Italy), Angers (France), Neufchatel (Switzerland) and Wolomin (Poland) interconnected by A NOVO proprietary E-tracking system.

CHUNGHWA PICTURE TUBES Ltd. (CPT) has contracted with A NOVO for the repair of its LCD panels in Europe.

A NOVO announces it has signed an exclusive 1-year renewable contract with CPT, the world's 5th largest LCD panel manufacturer for major brands (SAMSUNG, PHILIPS, SONY etc.) for which A NOVO has repair agreements.

This new contract covers maintenance and repairs for LCD panels from 15" to 47" throughout Europe including Turkey and East European countries. The servicing is done at the Angers Center of Excellence in France, which has a clean room classified 1000.

NINTENDO has contracted with A NOVO for the after-sales service of the WII in Spain

A NOVO announces a contract for maintenance and refurbishing of NINTENDO's DS Little and Wii games consoles, as well as the games and accessories sold in the Spanish market.

This service is delivery by the Center of Excellence of Malaga (Spain).

VIAMICHELIN has contracted with A NOVO to manage the after-sales service of its GPS navigators throughout Europe

A NOVO announces a pan-European contract with VIAMICHELIN (a wholly-owned subsidiary of Michelin group), a European supplier of digital navigation services.

This contract covers the complete management of after-sales service for VIAMICHELIN's GPS navigation systems. The A NOVO Centers of Excellence at Angers-Beaucouzé, Saronno (Italy), Houdeng (Belgium), Malaga (Spain), Neufchatel (Switzerland) and Larbert (UK) will provide this service throughout Europe.

"This step is a further advance in VIAMICHELIN's development of the European navigation market" said Philippe Nahman, European Sales Director of ViaMichelin. "It will enable us to meet the needs and expectations of consumers and ensure customer satisfaction."

Richard Seurat, CEO of A NOVO, comments: "We're proud to have been chosen by these leading companies to support their customer services. Winning contracts like these, most of them on a Europe-wide scale, to handle new products in booming markets (GPS, flat screens, video games, PCs) and delivered by existing sites consolidates our ability to sustain profitable growth."

About ASUS
Oriented towards new technologies and incorporating the best teams of R&D engineers, ASUS today enjoys a solid reputation for the quality of its products and innovation. As a major supplier of 3C solutions (Computers, Communications & Consumer electronics) ASUS offers a complete range of products with which to move forward into the new millennium.
In 2005 ASUS sold nearly 52 million motherboards, i.e. one in four desk PCs sold last year throughout the world is equipped with an Asus motherboard.

About CPT
Chunghwa Picture Tubes Ltd. (CPT) was founded in 1971. In order to satisfy people's need for visual displays, CPT is enthusiastically devoted to the development of the new display technologies and has manufactured various products which have amazing quality. Backed by many years of experience in core display technologies, CPT has been very successful in the industry. Coupled with the superior technologies of wide viewing angle performance, faster response time for moving pictures, high color saturation, etc., CPT continuously develops new products, aggressively raises the quality of products as well as services. With the corporate philosophy of "Creation, Perfection and Teamwork", CPT is dedicated to offering a full-sized product line and positioning itself as a leader for visual telecommunication products and all-around innovation in optronic technology.

Nintendo Co. Ltd., based in Kyoto, Japan, is recognized as world leader in the creation of interactive entertainment. The success of Nintendo can be briefly summed up in a few facts and figures: over 1.4 billion video games sold world wide, creation of superstars such as Mario® and Donkey Kong, and the launch of franchises such as The Legend of Zelda® and Pokemon(TM). Nintendo produces and distributes both the hardware and software for its games consoles, including Nintendo 64, Nintendo Gamecube, Game Boy Advance and Game Boy (record game console sales worldwide, with over 120 million units sold).

A wholly owned subsidiary of Michelin group, ViaMichelin designs, develops and markets digital products and services to assist motorists in Europe. Based on Michelin's century of travel expertise, this activity was launched in 2001 to serve both the general public and businesses. ViaMichelin offers a complete range of services (maps, itineraries, hotels, restaurants, traffic info, tourism, etc.), on a wide range of media, including the internet (www.ViaMichelin.com), cell phones, PDAs, and navigation systems.

About A NOVO
With sales revenue of ¤293.8 million and 4,700 employees, A Novo is the leading pan-European provider of maintenance and customization services for the digital technologies used by major telecommunications and multimedia companies to deliver triple play (voice/data/image) solutions. A Novo runs 16 American and European Centers of Excellence, and handles a high product turnover with an acknowledged level of quality. For more information, please visit our website at www.a-novo.com.


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